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Welcome to Border Terrier Database

Beta Version

* * We currently have 170858 dogs in the database and 390 registered users! * *


DNA Samples needed (Europe)

The Border Terrier database will be migrating to a new version of the database. New member registration will be opened again after this update.

If you encounter technical problems, please write to us@bt-database.be.
If you want to add or change a dog and don't have an account with the BT database, use the "Add/change Dog"- form, please.

If you want to add or change a dog whose details are written in Czech, Slovak or Slovenian characters, use the numerical code (http://webdesign.about.com/od/localization/l/blhtmlcodes-cz.htm)

  • When you add information, please make sure that the information is correct, accurate and up-to-date. False or incorrect information is corrected when found, but no one is under any obligation to review all the information and correct it. Only admins have permission to delete a dog. If you find something which must be deleted or if you find double entries which should be removed, please put "PLEASE DELETE" in front of the dogs name and add the reason why you think so into the field "notes". PLEASE DON'T DELETE THE DOGS NAME BY YOURSELF!

  • Information about dogs is not copyrighted, but is public information accessible via national dog registries, catalogues, databases, pedigrees or other paperwork. Therefore anyone can add a dog or edit the information about a dog including the name, titles, date of birth, breeder etc. This information is usually publicly available and it is not copyrighted nor is it private information. The owner or the breeder of a dog does not have the exclusive right to decide whether the information of his/her dog can be added to a database. Please observe the copyright rules on photographs!

We are trying to collect information about Border Terrier from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of Border Terrier lovers worldwide who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible.

Our focus is on Border Terrier pedigrees and we would appreciate it to also host Border Terrier pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of Border Terrier breeding. You can start exploring the website by following one of these links:

Newest Entries - here you find the newest entries and latest updates of existing entries

Search Dogs - use our search form to look for dogs fulfilling your search criteria

Browse Dogs - browse through all dogs available in our database

Birthdays of today - browse all dogs having birthday today (time zone used is Central European)


  We hope you will enjoy your visit to Border Terrier Database  

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